On our fourth day on holiday, the weather picked up again. Although it still wasn’t super sunny, it was still warm and we decided we would take a trip down to the beach to have a drink and explore some more. One thing we found that I do remember reading on other people’s blogs before … More CORFU| FOUR


On our third day in Corfu, the weather wasn’t the greatest so we decided to get ready and go down to the village to take the bus into Corfu town. It was still warm outside, but it was pretty overcast and not as warm as it had been, so we thought it would be a … More CORFU|THREE


On our second day, we did pretty much the same as we did on the first day. Ignoring the nightmare we were having with our apartments, we got up and took a walk down into the village. We decided to take a look around some of the little nooks and crannies that we hadn’t noticed … More CORFU|TWO


Last week I got back from my holiday in Corfu. After wanting to go to Greece for such a long time I finally got to go, and the only time I was able to go that was affordable was October, so we booked for October 20th for a week, as it was my half term … More CORFU|ONE