Emilia| Review

It’s not every day you hear of a West End show completely and utterly devoted to the empowerment of women. Although, in 2019 shows do appear to be becoming more inclusive and celebrating women in more ways than ever, there are very few shows that do this in a way that could even dream of … More Emilia| Review


Foggy. Your mind is foggy, Like the sky on a dull day, She is foggy. Words. There are words all around you, Circulating, Swaying this way and that, But the fog encapsulates them. People. There are people. Everywhere, There are people, Living their lives, and you wonder, “are their brains foggy too?” You are there, … More Fog


We all dream of climbing to the stars,  But can we? Can we really go great distances, climb mountains, cross rivers?  Can we really do anything, go anywhere, be anyone? Can we? Is it possible to know what we can and cannot do before we try it?  Is it possible to not be scared of … More Guessing

Heathers Sing-A-Long

It’s not every day you get to see a hugely popular musical, with somewhat of a cult following, be turned into a sing-a-long performance created simply to pay back fans for their continued support. But, on Tuesday 6th November, Heathers The Musical hosted its very first and only performance where fans were invited to sing … More Heathers Sing-A-Long